Is There an Opportunity to Hack Slot Machines?

hacker slotProbably, it is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is asked by professional and experienced gamblers as well as the newcomers. But is it possible? Mainly, the cheating schemes and tricks are associated with the most popular table games like poker, roulette, and baccarat. Seems like it is much easier to manipulate the physical and clearly-visible staff like cards, chips, and in some cases, dealers as well. However, things aren’t so simple and easy as it might seem at first glance. Some hackers have online slot machines and offline slot machines as their target. 

This game hacking approach has become practiced by hackers with the appearance of the first gambling and gaming apparatus in the 20th century. They’ve always tried to manipulate progressive jackpots and payouts into their favor. However, the slot machines manufacturers have seen their manipulations and decided to prevent them with a special mechanism called “coin escalator” that makes every coin visible. But what about the online slot machines and online games hacking?

Just in case, from the beginning of this hacking mechanism in the 2000s and from the appearance of the first online slots, it still remains unbeaten. Slot manufacturers are looking for solutions to this issue and still can’t find the appropriate answers. Without any doubt, these hacking methods are really sophisticated and exclusive. 


The story began in the 2000s when one of the most popular software and slots manufacturers Novomatic started to receive reports on really fast and instant payouts at their casinos. The deal is the number and amount of payouts were much higher than predicted and determined by the preprogramming. Some thorough researches and deep investigations were conducted before it was found that the special manipulation approach took place. On the other hand, during the examination of slot machines, nothing suspicious was found that really left a lot of questions to the casino owners and slots manufacturers.

In 2011 even the special announcement was issued informing their users about the potential weaknesses hidden in their production and called pseudo-random number generator. However, there was only one hacker in history known as Alex that was capable of finding out the perfect moment before pushing the SPIN button. These tricks have made a lot of bankrupts among the slot manufacturers and the casino owners. Moreover, there was a team of specially trained professionals with him that have been watching over the low-stakes spins. 

Also, there are special computer mechanisms that are used to hack online games. This approach was invented in 1996 and used computers as a source of hacking payout sensors. It’s much more direct than the above-mentioned sophisticated methods. However, they were successful in some cases. This method was used to hack the physical slot machines by simply blocking the RNG system and manipulating it. Oh, by the way, he has stolen about 6 million USD before he finally got caught and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment. Hopefully, it will be a good example for those who carry such a crazy idea of hacking slot machines in their minds. 

Software bugs are also one of the most popular and effective ways of hacking both online and offline slot machines. It can be applied to a wide range of software and devices. Moreover, this approach can be applied numerous times giving their owners an opportunity to receive new and new winnings. So does the cheat codes that can be implemented in the electronic software. Thos method can change the way the online slot or physical slot machine functions.

To sum up, it’s important to say that despite all the information given above, you fully understand all the consequences of slot machines illegal usage. Enjoy your gaming session!