5 most epic gambling-themed tattoos

Many players are sure that for luck to find them, they need to give it a sign. Someone carries with them talismans, amulets, and chips, someone dresses in clothes from successful games, and someone acts more radically – they put gambling themed tattoos on their body. In general, all gambling tattoos can be divided into 2 main groups: images of game paraphernalia and images that attract good luck.

What do the individual symbols mean?

Card suits and dice tattoo

If you are a gambling person, but at the same time a believer, then you should abandon the images of cards and card suits. In general, poker players prefer the image of either an ace of spades or a full house or straight, starting with ten. There can be many options here, the only thing is not to overdo it. Still, the image of billiard balls, cards, dice, and chips in one sketch is too much. Luck can get confused and get away from you.

Dice are a frequent visitor to the bodies of avid players. The combination itself is important here, which is depicted on them. Most often, the total should be the same seven, but not only!

Joker card tattoo

Although the Joker is directly related to the cards, due to the influence of the beloved hero – the villain opposing Batman, this symbol has received additional meaning. Gamblers should apply the Joker image carefully. This symbol rather emphasizes risk appetite and volatility of character. And although under the influence of the aforementioned hero from the comic about Batman, attitudes towards the Joker have recently changed, nevertheless, by putting such a gamble tattoo in a prominent place, you risk being misunderstood.


In many cultures, different numbers are supposed to bring good luck. For example, according to the Mayan tribe, the number 13 brings good luck, since this is the most perfect and harmonious number, while in modern European culture it is 13 that is considered devilish. There is even such a disease – Triskaidekaphobia – the fear of the number 13. According to Chinese beliefs, the numbers 6, 8, and 9 will be lucky, while the West chose the number 7 as the “lucky” number. If you look at the statistics of gambling tattoo designs, then the number 7 and a combination of and three sevens 777, then the number 8 and the number 13 closes the top three. Sometimes these numbers are depicted separately, and sometimes in an ensemble with other symbols. Players especially love the billiard ball with an eight on it. By the way, sometimes players act by contradiction: they especially put 13 or the well-known symbol of the black cat’s failure. Such images are intended to scare away bad spirits.

Four-leaf clover and horseshoe

Depending on the variety of clover, its 4-leaf representatives are found with varying degrees of probability. On average, according to scientists, the probability of finding such a specimen among ordinary clover leaves is 10.000 to 1. Therefore, it is believed that not everyone is given to find such a leaf, this is a great success. As, in fact, for the player, a successfully received card or the amount dropped on the dice. No less popular is another well-known symbol of good luck and prosperity – a horseshoe. Its image should be made with the ends up so that it becomes like a bowl for the accumulation of everything positive. If you depict it upside down, then the trouble will not last long.

Fire and flames

Very often, fire appears as an important element in the plot of a gambling themed tattoos. This sign can be interpreted as a passion for the game and a burning desire to win. Also, fire and flames can “enhance” the meaning of the gambling tattoo sleeve.