Drama of fired NetEnt employees. Union sues

slot machineThe drama of the fired NetEnt employees. Union sues Former NetEnt employees who were recently fired from Malta’s Live Casino Studio are suing the company for violating laws related to mass layoffs. The General Workers’ Union is acting on their behalf and if the company loses, it will have to pay the former employees compensation of at least €1,164 each. And we are talking about the number of 300-500 people.  According to one of the dismissed employees, the moment when they were announced about the dismissal was very emotional, people were crying and shouting. This news was announced by the new management came from Evolution, which immediately replaced the former leaders of NetEnt. And while people were packing up and security was escorting them out of the building, they were, according to witnesses, celebrating the event right under their noses with champagne and pizza.

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