Best Golf Bettin

Betting on GolfNowadays, Bodog golf, the first information about which dates back to the distant 13th century, is played all over the world. Accordingly, golf betting, to which this material is devoted, is relatively popular.

Almost every region of the planet has its professional tour – there are Asian, Australian, Asian, Japanese, Canadian tours.

Golf betting odds types

Victory in the tournament. The most popular line for bookmakers, however, is quite difficult for a clear forecast. More than 200 golfers can participate in each tournament, and the choice is not so simple.

However, often the circle of real applicants is strictly outlined and the odds are not so high. Plus, usually, bookmakers offer a bet on the fact that a certain golfer will not be able to win the tournament, and here the chance to get a momentary result is quite high.

Victory at the tournament stage. Not all star-golfers manage to start tournaments right off the bat, and you may well hit the jackpot at the victory of an average athlete in the first stage of the competition.

Hit the top. Often, bookmakers can meet the line for getting an athlete into a certain impromptu top. The most common tops in the offers are top 3, top 5, top 10. If you are confident in the readiness of the golfer but do not want to risk betting on victory, then this is a good option for reinsurance.

Comparison of golfers. The standard rate for individual sports. Here you can make a prediction which of the proposed two golfers will take a more worthy place in the final classification.

The best among compatriots. At large PGA and European tournaments, one can often find such an unusual line.

A list of masters golfs online from a certain country, widely represented at the competitions, is offered, and you can try to guess the best in the final table – for example, the best Canadian, Irish or Swede.

Golf Betting Strategies: What to Look For

The key to profitable golf betting will be your development of a specific game strategy that will allow you to regularly find value in the line. Mentioned important things can be distinguished, the combination of which should make a mosaic of a winning strategy.

  • The physical form of golfers. The first question that you should ask yourself when choosing a bet on a golfer is in what competitive form is the athlete currently in?
  • You need to pay attention to the latest results in tournaments, and there is no doubt that you need to refrain from betting on a golfer who could not even portray the fight in five past tournaments.
  • Results on a specific field. Equally important is the fitness of the chosen golfer for the field on which he will play. The routes of many famous golf courses that host PGA or European tour competitions do not change over the years. Because of this, it is easy to track how much the athlete’s playing style corresponds to a particular tournament.

There are frequent cases when the “dark horse” does not show brilliant results in principle, but from year to year on the same field overcomes the highest tournament barriers. For example, some fields are considered more old-fashioned, where special accuracy and accuracy are needed when starting strikes: the abundance of natural obstacles such as trees and tall grass does not allow physically strong golfers to take risks and use all their power when striking.

Considered more modern, manicured fields in open areas are no longer so convenient for slender golfers who rely on accuracy. Powerful hitters gain an advantage by having more space for mistakes and by developing movement along the route with long strokes.